Scythe Kaze Master II KM05-BK

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EAN code: 4571225047546
SKU code: KM05-BK
The Kaze Master II is the all-new fan controller priding itself with 4 new functions sized for the 5.25" bay. Retractable control knobs make it compatible with front panel fitted PC cases, the Spin Up Voltage function ensures a stable run of the fan right from the start. A new safety feature is the Power Feed Control - a function stopping the power supply automatically after 15 seconds of no fan movement. The Kaze Master II even has an over-heat alarm function to be set individually by the user. The digital display for temperature and rotation has been revised, too. The Kaze Master II lets the user control the temperature of their computers more precisely.

Size / Retractable knobs
The Kaze Master is designed to be installed into a 5.25" bay. As sticking-out control knobs would interfere with front panels of computer cases (not being able to close them), the Kaze Master II is equipped with retractable control knobs to make the usage with such models possible.

VFD Display
The VFD-display let`s the user check both fan rotations and the temperature. It is further possible to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Spin Up Voltage
The adjustable voltage range is between 3.7 to 12 volts. But as fans tend to have problems to "get going" in the lower ranges, this function ensures a 12 volt supply right from the start before settling down to the user`s set, desired voltage.

Setting of the Heat Alarm Function
The Kaze Master offers a wide range of adjustable temperature settings for the alarm to sound. The user can choose between 55 - 90 C (131 - 194 F) in steps of 5 C (41 F).

Power Feed Control
In case the Kaze Master II detects no fan movement for 15 seconds, for safety reasons the power supply will be cut automatically.

  • Model Name: Kaze Master II
  • Model-No.: KM05-BK (Black)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm | 5.72 x 1.67 x 2.48 in
  • Display Measurements (W x H): 114 x 20 mm | 4.49 x 0.79 in
  • Length of the control knobs: Retractable
  • DC Input: 5 V or 12 V (From PC Power Supply Unit)
  • DC Output: 3.7 V (10%) ~ 12 V (10%)
  • Number of Fan Control Channels: 4 (Max. 1 Ampere and max. 12 W per Channel)
  • Fan Speed Range: 0 - 9,990 rpm (Display: 30 rpm Steps)
  • Number of Temp Channels:. 4 (0 - 100C / 32 - 199.9F)
  • Weight: 215 g | 7.58 oz.
  • Accessory: 6x Temperature Sensor Cables, 4x Fan Cables, 1x Power Cable, 4x Screws, Installation Manual
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