Nanoxia HyperZero UV Blue ReadyFluid - 1000 ml.

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The Nanoxia HYPERZERO coolant is suitable for all mixed cooling loops, meaning cooling loops with waterblocks made from different materials such as copper and aluminium.

Nanoxia had great success with the coolant 'Iceglow' on the watercooling additives market. Now the internally developed coolant was improved even further. Adjustments of the mixture were made as more and more watercooling loops consist of mixed materials. This requires an exact adjustment of the protective additives in the coolant.

The 1000ml bottles are filled with ready-to use-coolant. The main ingredients of the Hyperzero coolant are: Double-distilled water, anti-corrosive as well as UV-reactive fluorescent dye. The mixing ratios are chosen to ensure long-lasting and efficient protective properties as well as colour effects. This also means that this coolant must be used as-is and no further liquids may be added. As the addition of further liquids would disturb the finely balanced ratio of the ingredients it is very important to not mix the coolant with any other coolants or liquids. This could have immediate effect on the cooling performance as well as the luminance of Nanoxia HyperZero.

To ensure optimal cooling of your system the whole cooling system must work consistently. This consistence can be disturbed by e.g. biological contamination respectively algae growth or even corrosion. In the worst case this might even result in a complete failure of the cooling system by stopped flow or even leakage at poorly manufactured waterblocks. To prevent this a coolant with corrosion and algae protection should be used. Nanoxia Coolants offer this protection.

The HyperZero coolants reliably protect your system and minimize the risk of algae contamination or corrosion. We recommend yearly cleaning of the system. A different interval is certainly possible, but it should be considered that due to chemical reactions within the liquid or exposure to different lights the protective and UV-reactive properties of the coolant may decrease.

For cleaning of the system Nanoxia STARK should be used. Nanoxia STARK is 15-times distilled water in its purest form. This means that Nanoxia STARK is free of bacteria, germs or minerals. When cleaning your system therefore also all contaminations are flushed out and only a small amount of highly pure water remains. Now the system can simply be filled up with HyperZero coolant to have a truly clean system which offers perfect protection again.

These properties make HyperZero the perfect coolant for all PC watercooling systems. HyperZero was specially developed for closed cooling loops to prevent the thermo-chemical corrosion of different metals (e.g. Copper, Aluminium, Brass, etc.). HyperZero is almost completely odour-free and does not react with hoses or any other plastics. As no Glysantine/ Glycol is used the coolant does not obstruct the efficiency of the coolant system. For optimal anti-corrosive properties HyperZero should be used undiluted in the cooling system.
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