Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 - Single Edition V.3

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EAN code: 4250197132947
SKU code: 13294
The new Alphacool Eispump VPP755 - Single Edition V.3 takes your system to the next level of evolution in pump technology.

More power - lower consumption
Thanks to the ceramic axle, the Alphacool VPP755 Eispump is smoother to run. The external motor coils also ensure greater stability and less vibration. Thanks to the delivery height of 4.25m, the Alphacool VPP755 Eispump delivers more power than its predecessor. Enjoy full power at half power consumption.

5 control levels - it's your choice
Alphacool gives you many possibilities to control your Alphacool Eispump VPP755. Control it classically via PWM or by using the manual rotary switch directly on the pump. You can set your preferred speed directly via the 5 levels. Use the unique interaction of the manual adjustment possibilities when combining them with the PWM control. Create perfect flow through accurate settings!

Facelift for your system
Decide for yourself what has priority in your system, because the Alphacool VPP755 Eispumpe is shorter than the classic D5 pump and the high-quality aluminium housing makes your system a visual highlight. Combine your Alphacool Eispump VPP755 with the Alphacool Eisvover V.3 and make your hardware look even more elegant or illuminate it in the strongest colours.

Technical Specifications
  • PWM controlled pump
  • Connection: 4Pin PWM / 4Pin Molex
  • Start Boost Function
  • Self-venting
  • Improved Software
  • New bearing for the ceramic axis
  • Maximum Head Pressure: 4.25m

5 adjustable steps
  • 1. 2100 rpm 120l/h
  • 2. 2700 rpm 140l/h
  • 3. 3330 rpm 280l/h
  • 4. 3950 rpm 320l/h
  • 5. 4350 rpm 340l/h

Not intended for continuous operation with fluids containing titanium dioxide or glycerin. Many pastel colours typically use these additives.

Should the pump begin to rattle while in operation, loosen the retaining screws on the pump by a quarter- to half-turn. Due to the very closely measured tolerances, the impeller in a pump that is too tightly screwed on can start to knock against the pump lid.
Removing the impeller from the ceramic shaft will cause the upper clamping ring to over-expand, which will destroy it! Removal will void the pump’s warranty! If the pump is put together again and put back into operation, the clamping ring will loosen, which is not accepted as grounds for a return or exchange.
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