Coollaboratory Cleaning Set

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SKU code: Liquid Cleaning Set
The Coollaboratory Liquid Cleaning Set enables a fast, simple and effective removal of impurities and residues of heat conduction pastes from metallic contact surfaces in PC-systems. It also prepares the surfaces of processors and coolers for the usage of a new heat conduction paste on base of silicone, glycerin or metal optimally.

The set contains three components (per 30 ml), which provide an excellent cleaning when using correctly. The Liquid Cleaning Set – Phase 3 was designed especially for metallic surfaces (copper, nickel, aluminum etc.)

  • Liquid Cleaning Set – Phase 1 (Preparation)
  • Liquid Cleaning Set – Phase 2 (Cleaner)
  • Liquid Cleaning Set – Phase 3 (Metal Cleaner)

The Liquid Cleaning Set includes also a manual, some cotton pads and a plastic card.

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