Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1500 (Bluetooth) - 1500 Watt

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Brains, Strength and Looks
Cooler Master’’s first all aluminum, Titanium 94% efficiency power supply unit offers unbeatable performance in tandem with paralleled oversight and control via our exclusive Cooler Master Connect app.

Voltage is automatically adjusted to remain within +/- 1, keeping output stable even under high loads.

A full suite of automatic measures are always alert so you can focus on worry-free computing

Real Power
Our flagship power supply comes with an award-winning design, an efficiency rating few have managed to reach, and the control perks of a high-end digital signal processor. All of this combines into a whopping 1500 watts of continuous power that can run safely over a conventional household outlet.

Software can switch between default +12V multi-rail or single rail modes for releasing full overclocking potential.

Real Control
By taking advantage of the digital processor, you can also control, monitor, and adjust your MasterWatt Maker in real-time with Cooler Master Connect, available in both mobile and desktop versions.

No simulations or models here. Monitor parameters such as input voltage current, consumption and efficiency and adjust fan speed, on the fly.

Records and saves all monitoring data to your hard disk, allowing recovery and analysis of that data to figure out what went wrong in the event of power failure.

Calculate money spent (and saved) on electricity with local rates.

Connect wirelessly to device via Bluetooth 3.0.

Preset Modes
Optimize your system with just one touch for all of your personal or professional preferences.

World-class Efficiency
No longer do you have to worry about buying a PSU that hopefully matches your average load, and focus instead on how quiet and cool this level of efficiency keeps your PSU.

Soundless Performance
Cooler Master’’s premium Silencio FP 135mm adjusts its speed depending on the load to setting that you can set in your Cooler Master Connect app. That is, if the fan even needs to spin at all.

Streamlined 3D Technology
Cooler Master’’s exclusive, next-gen 3D circuit design creates a direct, uncluttered expressway of power that doesn’’t get caught in messy backstreets of wiring and added components. Combined with premium components, nearly lossless efficiency means:

Cooler components backed by 7-year warranty

Draws less from your household power source

Less heat is wasted, keeping temps down

Fully Modular, High-Capacity Cables
MasterWatt Maker’’s fully modular, flat cable connectors go beyond the standard with a wholly redesigned plug. The plug creates surface contact efficient enough to carry 1.5x the current of normal connectors.

For casual users seeking peace of mind to pros pushing the limits of their hardware, and anyone in between who values accurate performance data when troubleshooting or otherwise, the MasterWatt Maker is for you.

Poorten & interfaces
Motherboard power connector20+4 pin ATX
Peripheral (Molex) power connectors (4-pin)12
Lengte stroomkabel moederbord70 cm
Aantal SATA power connectors20
Lengte SATA-stroomkabel450,550,570,690,810 mm
Lengte stroomkabel randapparaat (Molex)450,550,570,690,810 mm
PCI Express power connectors (6+2 pin)12
Lengte PCI Express-stroomkabel75 cm
CPU power connector (4+4 pin)Ja
Lengte CPU-stroomkabel80 cm
Floppy drive power connector1
Aansluiting voor diskettestationJa
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte150 mm
Diepte200 mm
Hoogte86 mm
Totaal vermogen1500 W
AC invoer voltage100 - 240
AC invoer frequentie47/63
Stroom7.5 - 15
Power factor0,95
Power Factor Correctie (PFC) typeActief
Gecombineerd vermogen (+3.3V)130 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (+12V)1500 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (+5V)130 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (-12V)3,6 W
Gecombineerd vermogen(+5Vsb)17,5 W
Max huidige output (+3.3V)25 A
Max output current (+12V1)62,5 A
Max output current (+12V2)62,5 A
Max huidige output (+5V)25 A
Max huidige output (-12V)0,3 A
Max huidige output (+5Vsb)3,5 A
Houd-tijd16 ms
Efficientie94 procent
Stroomspanning beschermingTe hoog vermogen, Overspanning, Overbelasting, Kortsluiting
Vertragingsbereik Power Good-signaal100 - 500 ms
Breedte verpakking256 mm
Diepte verpakking438 mm
Hoogte verpakking132 mm
80 PLUS certificatie80 PLUS Titanium
Ventilator diameter13,5 cm
Aantal ventilatoren1 ventilator(en)
Kleur van het productZwart
Bedoeld voorPC
Vormfactor van de voeding (PSU)ATX
Afmeting AWG-draad (min)16
AWG-draadafmeting (max)18
Mean time between failures (MTBF)100000 uur
Logistieke gegevens
Breedte van de omdoos41,5 cm
Lengte omdoos45 cm
Hoogte van de omdoos28,5 cm
Hoeveelheid per omdoos3 stuk(s)
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