Phobya LED-Flexlight RGB controller with IR-Remote controller

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EAN code: 4049469127107
Phobya's controller with remote controller, the interface for the Phobya RGB LED Flexlights.

The Phobya RGB LED Flexlights offer many lighting possibilities, but they need a controller device which unleashes their potential. This is such a controller which offers everything which is needed for control of the RGB LED Flexlights.

The Phobya controller is equipped with a voltage transformer with a repleacable 4-Pin Molex connector which can be used in all PC systems or alternatively with the external Phobya PSUs (Item No. 84006 or 84011). The Flexlights can be connected to one of the three fixed cables which each allw one Flexlight to be connected. Of course the controller also works if only one or two Flexlights are connected.

The remote control send signals to the controller via infrared. The intuitive user interface shows the user exactly what happens when the buttons are pushed. The different base colours can be mixed to different colours by pushing the according buttons. Additionally a dimmer is implemented to allow different levels of light intensity. Besides these basic functions automatic blinking modes can be activated to create a special lighting effect.

Technical specifications
  • Inlet cable length: 40cm
  • Outlet cable length: 20cm each
  • Colour: Black
  • Power connector: 4-Pin Molex
  • Number of RGB connectors: 3
  • Maximum current: 6A

Extent of delivery
  • 1x Phobya LED-Flexlight RGB controller and remote control
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