Aqua-Computer doorstromingssensor mps flow 100, G1/4

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Aqua Computer flow sensors are easily integrated into your water cooling loop and allow continuous flow monitoring. The mps flow series are technically based on a differential pressure measurement and do not contain any rotating components. Due to the high sensitivity of the integrated pressure sensors, the sensors pose only a minimal flow resistance. In addition, the sensors are extremely compact.The base part also has two M3 threads to be easily attached to the PC case.

The mps flow sensors feature an integrated microcontroller with USB and aquabus interface, a programmable alarm output, an integrated water temperature sensor and an external temperature sensor input. For monitoring and configuration, the aquasuite software can be downloaded free of charge. In addition to the USB interface, the 4-pin aquabus interface can be used to directly connect the flow sensor to an aquaero 5 controller (not included in delivery). The alarm output can be configured to be used as a rpm signal to be connected to a fan connector with fault detection (for example motherboard fan headers) or to be used as a switched output for example to connect a LED. Flow signal, water temperature and external temperature sensor input can be configured to raise an alarm. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all Aqua Computer temperature sensors.

At the moment, three versions of the mps flow sensor are available that differ in range. Please select the sensor best fitting your system:
  • mps flow 100: Range approximately 20 - 100 liters per hour / 5 - 26 US liquid gallons per hour (Art. 53130)
  • mps flow 200: Range approximately 40 - 200 liters per hour / 11 - 53 US liquid gallons per hour (Art. 53131)
  • mps flow 400: Range approximately 80 - 400 liters per hour / 21 - 106 US liquid gallons per hour (Art. 53132)
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