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Alphacool flow indicator G1/4 with rpm signal - Plexi The Alphacool flow sensor is designed to fit the needs of computer water cooling enthusiasts. As other flow sensors have unusual threads or need an additional electronic device, this Alphacool flow sensor can be used with G1/4 fittings and can be directly connected with a standard 3-pin fan cable to a mother board, a fan controller or an electronic device (Heatmaster, Aquaero, T-Balancer).

Connect to a main board
The flow sensors will be detected from the main board like a normal 3-pin fan. Normally it is possible to set the main board software this way, that depending on the rotation speed (or if there is no rotation at all) the computer will be shut down. This makes it possible to have a very good and save way to protect the hardware without additional costs.

Connect to a fan controller
The flow sensor will be detected and will get the input of the rotation speed like a normal 3-pin fan. If the fan controller includes a Display and / or an alarm function, they can be used also with the flow sensor.

Connect to an electronic device:
The signal from the flow sensor will be detected as a “puls” and can be calculated to the needed unit of measurement (for example l/h or g/h). If you use an Alphacool Heatmaster, it is possible to start an alarm when the flow rate is too low or even to shut down the computer.

Technical data:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Threads: G1/4
  • Measurements: Length: 46mm, outside diameter: 52mm
  • Cable length: 33cm
  • Cable plug: 3-pin

The following values ​​have been determined ( tolerance + / - 10% ):
  • 125rpm ~ 190 Liters / per hour
  • 150rpm ~ 250 Liters / per hour
  • 175rpm ~ 320 Liters / per hour
  • 200rpm ~ 390 Liters / per hour
  • 225rpm ~ 450 Liters / per hour
  • 250rpm ~ 500 Liters / per hour

In praxis the actual pulse per 1000ml may verify, depending on the type of construction and the system you use. Therefore we recommend to make a precise measurement of the flow rate in an installed system whenever exact flow rates are needed (for example for industrial purposes).
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