Alphacool GPU HF 14 ATI/NVidia Smart Motion Universal Nickel Edition

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Alphacool HF 14 GPU ATI NVIDIA Smart Motion Universal Nickel Edition – the perfect water block for a GPU-only cooling solution.

The GPU-only cooling solution, meaning that only the processor on the graphics card is cooled with a water block, is much more affordable than a complete water block solution.

For affordable graphics cards a full cover water block is often too expensive in comparison, and also often unnecessary. The VRAM and voltage regulator modules are mostly cooled by passive heatsinks and require no water block for cooling. If a high-end graphics card is used in the system, the situation changes completely: On today's high-end graphics accelerators the GPU as well as VRAM and voltage regulator modules should be cooled by a water block. Hence it is often considered the best solution to cool such graphics cards with full-cover water blocks. But is it the solution with the best price-/performance ratio?

A full cover water block is designed for a specific graphics card and cannot be reused with a different graphics card. Hence the water block becomes obsolete with the graphics card, which is often the case after only 2-3 years. This is different with a GPU-only solution: With the Aphacool MCX system and a GPU-only water block, the graphics card water block does not become worthless scrap metal if the graphics card is changed. It can rather be transferred universally to the new graphics card. The system is compatible with practically all graphics cards on the market and offers excellent cooling performance!

The „universal“ compatibility claim is based on the mount with a hole spacing of 53.5 to 61.5mm. With this spacing range the water block was compatible with all graphics cards we have tested so far. Despite the wide range of compatibility please always check the hole spacing on your graphics cards to avoid possible incompatibilities.

Technical specifications
  • Material: Acetal, nickel-plated copper
  • Colour: Black / nickel-plated copper
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 71,5 x 71,5 x 29mm
  • Diagonal hole spacing: 53.5 to 61,5mm
  • Connection threads: 2x 1/4“
  • Weight:171g

Extent of delivery
  • 1x Alphacool GPU HF 14 ATI/NVidia Smart Motion Universal Nickel Edition
  • 1x Thermal compound
  • Mounting material (M3x40 screws, knurled nuts, springs and much more)
  • Mounting manual (GER, EN, FR)
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