Fractal Design anti-vibration / noise kit

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EAN code: 7350041080053
A complete set of anti-vibration/noise kit for your PC! Makes your case, fans and HDD/ODD's more silent during operation.

HDD-screws: 12pcs screws with rubber to absorb vibrations from your hard drive or CD/DVD. Can be used with both 3,5" and 2,5". 6pcs is enough for one drive, so the kit covers the mounting of two drives.

Fan-screws: Instead of using metal screws to fasten your fans, use these! The rubber screws absorbs all the vibrations that can be forwarded from the fans to the case. Compatible with all fan sizes. 12pcs long ones and 12pcs shorter ones are included.

Case feet of rubber: Replace your old hard plastic feets by these, effectively decreases vibrations in a case. 4pcs included.

Cable ties: Stop all that clutter of cables in your case, causing a poor airflow! Also makes it much easier to work in your case. 20pcs included.
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